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Biggest condition in banking is measuring performance

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For the past year I have been trying to find banking staff doing work in human resources to talk to me. The inspiration was this revealing interview with what it's prefer to fire people. It proved very, tough to find people in hr to speak to this web site, perhaps as it falls in their mind to fire bankers for secretly speaking to journalists? Anyway, at long last the banking blog can present its second understanding of the mentality in banks hr officer. The biggest problem in banking is measuring performance. Professional tennis players are powered by a level game with their opponents, employing the same surface and balls, a similar wind speed. Their performance may be measured. But now you're the CEO with a major British bank. Tomorrow the pound crashes along with your bank has got the worst year in history. That is far beyond your control. I am not saying CEOs or bankers are clueless gamblers inside a casino. On the contrary, you need skills becoming a good banker, absolutely. What I'm saying is always that finance is just too big complex, with lots of unknown unknowns and way too many crucial factors beyond someone banker's control, to adequately measure their yearly performance.
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